The Indian Rocks Bible Institute

The Bible Institute is Indian Rock’s Biblical Studies Program designed to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word through an academic approach. This 3-Level program offers an increasingly more in-depth understanding of God’s Word, starting with a set of essential classes and topics in Level One to a more in-depth specific set of topics in Level Three. Each of the three program levels contains five courses for completion. There is no cost to attend, except for any cost associated with an assigned textbook, and classes do not have to be taken in sequential order. Upon completing all five courses in any of the three levels, participants may request a Certificate of Completion.

What We Offer

Level One

Level 1 provides an overview of the Bible, its core teachings, and surveys the Old and New Testaments.

Overview of the Bible

Core Teachings

Surveys of Old and New Testament

Level Two

Level 2 reviews the Life of Christ in the Gospels, the early Church, and examines the general epistles.

The Life of Christ in the Gospels

The Early Church

Examine the General Epistles

Level Three

Level 3 offers an in-depth look at the writings of Paul and concludes with practical applications in ministry.

In-Depth Look at the Writings of Paul

Practical Applications in Ministry

Bible Institute Level 1: Old Testament SurveyMonday6:30-8:15pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center- Room 208Biblical StudiesNoOpen
Bible Institute-Level 3: 1 & 2 CorinthiansMonday6:30-8:15pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center- Room 210Biblical StudiesNoOpen
Bible Institute Level 2: The Gospels/Life of Christ - Part 2Tuesday6:30-8:15pm18+Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center- Room 208BBiblical StudiesNoOpen

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