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Our church’s mission is connecting people to who Jesus is and what He came to do. Being a part of a faith community provides a great opportunity for this to happen. In our groups we learn God’s Word, care for each other, praise God for who He is and what He’s done, and pray to God for His help and guidance. The key is – we do these things together! These meaningful relationships help everyone grow in their faith.

Types of Groups:

Life Groups: Year-round gatherings of people who study God’s Word, have fun events, and partner together in local ministry projects.
Bible Studies: Topic-driven groups which study and apply God’s Word to everyday life.
Support Groups: People helping people heal from life’s hurts.
Discipleship Groups: Mentor led groups which guide people in the foundational elements of the faith.


Beyond SundaySunday9:00-10:15am30-59Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center- Room 218The Gospel ProjectYesOpen
Discipulado MujeresSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus - Student centerSpanishYesOpen
Discipulado VaronesSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus - Student CenterSpanishYesOpen
Early WordSunday9:00-10:15am70+Main CampusMain Campus - Education Center- Room 102/Elementary LibraryThe Gospel ProjectYesOpen
Families & FriendsSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus - Family Life Center-Room 201The Gospel ProjectYesOpen
Family MattersSunday9:00-10:15am30-59Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center- ChapelThe Gospel ProjectYesOpen
FoundationSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus - Family Life Center- Room 132/choir roomThe Gospel ProjectYesOpen
GAP (Grads & Pros)Sunday9:00-10:15am26-35Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center-BalconyThe Gospel ProjectYesOpen
IR Young AdultsSunday9:00-10:15am18-25Main CampusMain Campus - Smiley'sThe Gospel ProjectYesOpen
Marriage BuildersSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus - Fellowship Center - Elementary Music RoomNoOpen
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